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Welcome to Dr Kalpana Chawla Science Center

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The Sunday School

Do you want to learn science in a fun way? Do you want experience the beauty of nature first hand? Or you just want to learn something or anything without any pressure of exams then come to Dr Kalpana Chawla Science Center. We will teach you amazing things about science, nature and what not. And most importantly you will be doing things by your own hands and not just observing them. After all there is a lot of fun in learning by doing. And not just science or nature but we will help you grow your personality.


About Us

Dr Kalpana Chawla Science Center was started in the year of 2006 by Mr Sanjay Pujari. Every Sunday, students from 4th standard to graduation students gather for two hours. They learn about various concepts is science and technology in an innovative way. We do not have any prescribed syllabus, we do not conduct any exam, we like to keep our students tension free.

Science Experiments

We have plenty of scientific equipment available with us. From Physics to Chemistry to Astronomy, our science center has number of experimental kits that the students can work on. We keep on adding the equipment to our center that we can teach students, science in a simple and easy to understand way. And more importantly we don't conduct exams. So you can learn without taking any pressure.

Nature Trips

We arrange number of trips every year to animal reserves like Tadoba, Dandeli, Koyana etc. Not only animal reserves, but we do arrange number of sessions of bird watching with experts. Even parents can come to these trips. As you know the nature is the best teacher you can ever have. And we give every opportunity to a student to experience and learn about the nature first hand.


After all science is not everything. Arts keep us entertained, fresh for taking new challenges and they are the best stress busters. We arrange number of sessions every week so that you can learn guitar, keyboard. Our science center conducts cultural gathering as well, where our students can showcase their prowess in arts.